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pw account. Per usual, the drug companies have not been kind to former Republican governor and disgraced sheriff Joe Arpaio. On Thursday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ordered the Department of Justice to hand over a slew of documents related to its investigation into Joe Arpaio’s allegedly illegal immigrant-related behavior. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) had searched through information that was gathered during the Obama administration’s investigation into whether or not Joe was violating the federal Controlled Substances Act by defying federal immigration laws. The DEA allegedly compiled the evidence to corroborate the findings of the federal criminal investigation that was carried out by the Justice Department’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The DEA’s search apparently included “all public records and database reports on Mr. Arpaio from any U.S. law enforcement agency and the DEA’s Office of Diversion Control,” according to the court. The DOJ refused to hand over the documents, as had been requested in a subpoena filed by the Sheriff’s Office, noting that any records related to Joe Arpaio’s crimes were classified. “We’re dealing with documents that were created to keep the public from knowing what’s going on,” Arpaio told Judge Neil Wake. “That’s what the DEA was looking for. And we want to get the documents.” The sheriff, who is facing a criminal contempt of court charge stemming from an April 9, 2017, immigration raid on his Maricopa County, Arizona, office, had said that the government refused to give the documents to the County Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office for “several months” before he was able to locate a judge to set aside the warrant. According to Wake, Arpaio’s request to hand over the documents was merely a “fishing expedition” into the DEA’s activities. “It was only a fishing expedition. They didn’t even give us a list of the documents,” Arpaio said in court on Thursday. “I’ve been waiting for this for four years.” The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit stated that the DOJ’s refusal to hand over the records was “inappropriate,” adding that the request was “premised on




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