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Meet Stacey Bly, Office Manager and a passionate dental professional at Hudson Dental Arts. Her journey in dentistry traces back to her childhood days when she often accompanied her grandmother to a local dental office after hours. Amidst the piles of toys given out to patients, Stacey's fascination for dentistry took root, captivated by the intriguing array of dental instruments. As she transitioned into adulthood, Stacey took a different path, raising her two children while working at a well-known publishing company, Verizon. However, life took an unexpected turn when her job was outsourced after 15 years. Seizing the opportunity for change, she took a leap of faith and secured a front desk position at the busiest oral surgery practice in the capital district. It was there that she discovered her passion for healthcare, finding joy in assisting and guiding patients throughout their treatment journeys. After six years, Stacey realized she yearned for a more personal connection with patients, a stronger sense of purpose. She made the move to general dentistry and that's when her love for the dental field truly blossomed. The constant learning and growth in her profession became the driving force that keeps her inspired and motivated. At Hudson Dental Arts, Stacey thrives in creating genuine connections with the families who entrust their dental care to the practice. From witnessing the growth of babies to offering support during challenging times, she cherishes the opportunity to make a positive impact on her patients' lives. Stacey considers herself fortunate to have found her calling and is continually learning and evolving within her role. Supported by her fiancé Dale, their four children, and four wonderful grandchildren, she treasures the moments spent with family, often embarking on motorcycle adventures during their free time. With a warm heart and dedication to "the dental arts difference," Stacey Bly embodies the true essence of a compassionate and skilled dental professional, making a lasting impact on those she serves.

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